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Wide lush protected garden, swaying bamboo, sun-bathing Sir Walter lawn, pebbles...tropical palm trees with water cascading from the water feature, the sun sinking over the park horizon describes our modern simplistic tropical garden.
Who needs to go to a tropical resort when you have the holiday resort on your doorstep!

A person selects a variety of flowers and trees for their garden to suit their specific needs and the exploration for a landscaper begins just like choosing the right thing for your garden.

Brad Fischer and his delightful team from Living 4 Landscape have provided a service that is one of a kind and distinctively magical!

From the drawn design to the final product everything flowed with grace just like a river. Living 4 Landscape worked within the timeframe as discussed, willing to work to your budget, any matters that arose were dealt professionally with a smile and....the passion and love of landscaping will be visible within your garden.

We highly recommend Living 4 Landscape... they will be able to capture the mood, magic, passion and work within your budget giving you what you are trying to achieve in your landscaped garden.

Thank you Brad and team!

Warm wishes
Denise Miller

8th January 2008

When we were researching the landscaping options for our house renovation we came up with a list of a quite number of very specific needs: the garden needed to be child friendly so that our 4 and 1 year olds could enjoy it safely, both my husband and I are keen cooks so we needed a kitchen garden, we all love birds and wildlife so our garden had to be bird attracting, water consumption had to be kept to a minimum, it all had to work with the beautiful mature fig tree in our backyard, as well as meet our love for Japanese gardens. Quite a lot of requirements, which are not necessarily all complimentary.

Brad from Living 4 Landscapes has managed to fit all our requirements into the garden design without one encroaching on the other.

We now have a beautiful Sir Walter lawn as part of the back yard flanked by a white sandy beach area on one side that laps up from the canal beach. The beach is a natural sandpit for the kids and the grass area provides plenty of area for them to run around.

The mature fig tree in our backyard is beautifully framed by native ground cover and shrubbery which are bird attracting.

Three large purpose-built planters on the northern side of the house are for planting herbs and vegetables. Several citrus trees also line the northern boundary fence. This will meet our cooking needs beautifully.

On the southern side of the house will be a Japanese style feature, which can be seen through a low window from the dining room. It is quite a separate garden area, so its' formal style does not interfere with the more functional parts of the garden.

To say we are extremely happy with the design and functionality of our garden is an understatement. All our requirements have been met and exceeded without clashing; in fact everything works together beautifully. Brad and his team have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. They have been efficient, consultative and extremely accommodating. From the initial design drawings through to the work in the garden, everything was done in the timeframe's Brad had outlined. Any issues that arose were dealt with quickly, graciously and without any fuss. Brad and his team have completed the work within budget and have provided us with extremely good value for money. We can highly recommend Living 4 Landscapes.

Michael Walters & Katrin Kroeger

21st August 2007

Brad Fisher from living4landscapes carried out the design and landscaping of our residential garden at Palm Beach.

Brad worked with our design desires and coordinated all the necessary removal of old concrete, plants and other debris prior to landscaping.

The landscaping work included paving on wet cement base, block retaining wall, cobblestone edging and coordination of new concrete driveway. All soft landscaping was also included.

We found Brad to be very reliable in all our interactions and invaluable in creating the garden we desired within our budget. He was attentive to detail and offered sound advice in choices of materials and plants and in the continued maintenance of the garden.

Very happy customers,

Ms N Donaldson & Mr V Perry
Palm Beach